Twestival Victoria
Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 19:00 - 22:00
The Bengal Lounge
721 Government Street
Victoria, BC
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Twestival Victoria Uses social media for social good by connecting communities to highlight a greater cause and have a fun event.
Pictures from the awesome Victoria Twestival event!
7 October 2013

All right, I've been out of commission for a while, but I am now back and can share with you some of the amazing moments of the Victoria Twestival event, which was held VERY SUCCESSFULLY (over $4000 raised for our best fundraising ever!) on September 24 2013. Have a look!

The Bengal Lounge, where the event was held. Yes, there's a bengal tiger skin hanging on the wall.

The very full silent auction table. Absolutely everything sold!

The chocolate fountain. As delicious as it looks.

A group photo of your organizing committee! 

Theresa handling the door prize draws

Good times were had by everyone!

You can see all these pictures and many, many more on the Victoria Twestival Flickr Pool. (Just click on it.)

Thanks to everyone who attended, bought an auction item, donated or otherwise helped us in any way, shape or form. This was our most successful Twestival yet, and we couldn't have done it without each and everyone of you!

Prizes and Auction Items: FINAL UPDATE!
23 September 2013

The Twestival event is tomorrow! Aren't you excited? I know I am! With so many amazing prizes to win or bid on, with so many great people coming (less than 20 tickets left as of 4:30 PM--do you have yours?)

I bought a new outfit for the event (look for the girl in the flowery dress! I'm nice!) and I'm super excited about trying that famous chocolate fountain and tasting their poutine bar (Québec oblige!). 

If that isn't enough to get you to buy a ticket, here are the many, many prizes and items that will be available for winning or bidding.

The Twag Bags

2 new items!

If you buy the $40 ticket, you'll receive a twag bag that will include:

The Door Prizes

New items!

The Silent Auction Items

A ton of new, last-minute items were gifted to us in the past week. Take a look!

  • NEW! A pair of tickets to Falstaff at the Pacific Opera Victoria ($250 value)
  • NEW! A professional head shot photopgrahy session with Chris Vleck ($95 value)
  • NEW! An Avon gift bag from representative Angela Burnell ($40 value)
  • NEW! A Scentsy gift bag from Leanne Huntz ($35 value)
  • NEW! A Wordpress website and 1 year of hosting from One Day Website ($299 value)
  • NEW! A blowout and treatment at David Levi Salon ($75 value)
  • A 2-month community membership to Camosun Fitness Centres, including 6 hours of personal training ($150 value) (through Camosun Alumni Relations)
  • A purse from Stella and Dot ($138 value)
  • A media package from Harbour Living, including banner design, one-month banner posting on one regional section of the website, and one banner placement on Harbour Living Weekly ($500 value)
  • A basket of children's book from Barefoot Books ($140 value)
  • A 3-month membership to Studio4 Athletics
  • One spot in one of Miss Rosie Bitt's classes (up to $495 value)
  • A painting by local artist Angela Lee McIntyre
  • 2 passes to Arrowsmith Golf
  • A gift certificate for workshops at The Makehouse ($100 value)
  • A gift basket from Oughtred Coffee
  • A bouncy castle rental or a face painting party from Par-T-Perfect Victoria ($180 value)
  • A beauty treatment from Tonic Spa ($120 value)
  • 7 pairs of "chakra" earrings from Pat Nichol ($140 value) (check our Facebook page for a photo!)
  • A vibrator from Tell Mia and Michelle Powell ($120 value)
  • A 16"X20" painting from Busted Button ($180 value)
  • A 2-hour one-on-one blogging tutorial from Anabelle, your humble blogger ($100 value)
  • Transcription services from Iris Grey ($75 value)
  • UPDATED! A Canon sling bag and a $25 gift certificate at Kerrisdale Cameras ($100 value)
  • A conflict resolution consultation from Collaborative Journeys ($100+ value)
  • 2 tickets to the February Sip and Savour Sidney with a one-night stay at the Sidney Waterfront Inns & Suites, from Tides Group ($400 value)
  • 2X$50 gift certificates for Janis' famous hand-crafted French truffles, 3 dozens per gift certificate ($100 value)
  • 2 adult tickets for a whale watching trip from Great Pacific Adventures ($198 value)
  • 2 hours of free cleaning and a natural cleaning product from Honey Bee Cleaning Services ($112 value)
  • 2 tickets (auctioned separately) for the highly coveted Social Media Camp in 2014 ($400 value for each ticket)

There might be one or two extra surprises tomorrow at the event as well... so you won't know unless you come!

Interview with Caroline Spence of Spaceport Union
23 September 2013

Here's a little interview I was able to have with Caroline Spence of Spaceport Union. If you don't know them, here's a video:

You've been involved with Twestival for a long time. What motivates you to participate, year after year?

I was on Twitter back when they started Twestival and saw this amazing thing that people on twitter were doing to raise money for charity and I looked to see if Victoria was involved and sure enough, we were!  I thought that was so great that our community was coming together to do that and I wanted to contribute something to making it a great and successful event too.  It was amazing to feel part of something positive that people were doing on a global scale.  The next year, it was another great fundraiser, this time coming together to raise funds for a local charity.  It's been amazing to see the our community come together each year in such a positive way to support a local charity in need.  The creativity, energy, positivity and generosity of everyone involved, and how they really feel we can move mountains, just motivates me to contribute too. 

What is your favourite thing about Twestival? 

I love how so many people get involved. I love that everyone is smiling from one end of the event to the other. I love that we can really help other people in our communities just by being involved in such a fun event! :-)

In your words, how does the Cridge make a difference in Victoria? How important do you think it is?

The Cridge Family Centre plays an important role in the lives of many families that need support through various life transitions and trauma.  The work they do to support families, providing housing for those with brain injuries, or for families in crisis to help them build new lives, providing respite care for families in need, and even a safe place for women involved in family violence, is an amazing resource for our community. I think that we really need to support these support networks - the Cridge as well as other charities and centres that help others.  We never think we will someday need help ourselves, but it happens - to us or to friends, and then we can see the positive impact that these services can have to truly help someone. When we pitch in to help, it's like a butterfly effect of postive in this world, and touches many more lives than people would think. 

Do you feel your music changes people? How so?

Music is an amazing language that can speak to people on another level. I'm not sure if our music changes people, but if it entertains people, gives them a feeling of hope or possibility, or just makes them feel heard and part of something bigger - then I think we've done our job. 

Why should people get involved with Twestival, either by buying a ticket or volunteering?

Well, first off - it's a super FUN event.  So many great prizes and gift bags, great food, nice venue and smiling, happy people who are fun to talk to, as well as super entertainment - you can't really go wrong.  And at the end of the night, after feeling great being out and about with lovely people and making new friends, you get to hear the tally of how much was raised for a well-deserving community charity - well, it feels awesome! :-)  You get to learn more about what people are doing for others in the community and the difference it makes.

If you want to go home feeling like you contributed to something super positive -- I'd definitely attend a Twestival event!

We are so honoured to have been asked to take part again this year. All the volunteers who put this event together do a great job and we want to give them all big hugs.  We're looking forward to seeing old and new faces on Tuesday night and rocking the Bengal Lounge with some Spaceport Union tunes!  We'll be doing a more acoustic style performance and many of our big rock epics will be re-envisioned on piano and acoustic guitar, with vocal harmonies -- some songs our fans have never heard this way before (and may never hear this way again), so it's super special for us too.  The other acts playing with us - Jose Albis with his bossa nova band, who we've had the privilege of playing with before, are just great - and Geoff Howe and Hatchling are some of Victoria's best singer-songwriters.  

Thanks Caroline! I (and everyone else) am looking forward to your show tomorrow!

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